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Lee Popkin

Lee Popkin


Lee Popkin is a litigator in Proskauer’s New York office. She focuses her practice on intellectual property disputes and general commercial litigation. In the intellectual property context, Ms. Popkin represents clients from diverse industries in a wide range of matters in federal courts and the trademark office. Lee also regularly contributes to the firm’s false advertising blog, Watch This Space: Proskauer on Advertising Law.

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Veil-Piercing Under California Law – Heightened Risks for Fund Managers

We recently posted about the risks associated with veil-piercing claims and the ways in which fund managers can protect themselves from exposure to these claims. Our first post on veil-piercing focused on Delaware standards, while this post discusses California law. California law differs in several important respects from Delaware law on this topic. If a … Continue Reading

Veil Piercing/Alter Ego Determinations – How Fund Managers Can Protect Themselves

A veil piercing claim can be a worst-case scenario for a private fund manager dealing with a struggling portfolio company investment – the company fails, and ensuing legal claims are brought not only against the portfolio company, but also against the fund and its GPs. How can fund managers manage that risk? Limited liability is … Continue Reading